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Presidential Task Force On Campus Climate

Since its founding, Cornell has aspired to be a diverse and inclusive university. Cornell’s founding principles continue to inspire and guide us, and when the experience of the community fails to reflect these goals, we must redouble our efforts to create the kind of environment we seek.

In September 2017, President Martha E. Pollack announced the formation of the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate, composed of faculty, staff and students on the Ithaca campus, and charged with making specific recommendations about how Cornell can implement meaningful institutional change that leads to a campus climate that is more diverse and inclusive, and that expresses greater respect and understanding. The Task Force is also charged with recommending approaches that enable the university to respond effectively to incidents of bigotry and intolerance.

The task force will carry out its work through three subcommittees: Campus Experience; Regulation of Speech and Harassment; and Campus Response. Over the course of the 2018 spring semester, the task force will engage the campus community on these issues and work to create recommendations that: 1) can be accomplished immediately; 2) could be accomplished within six to 12 months; and 3) are aspirational.


If you have been involved in (or are aware of) a committee or task force that has generated a set of goals related to diversity and inclusion here at Cornell, please provide us with the following information, as we would like to make sure that we are aware of as many such of these efforts as possible.

    1. The name of the organization or committee, and the segment of the Cornell community on which you are/were focused.
    2. If the organization or committee developed a set of goals or recommendations, please indicate which goals have/have not been achieved.

If you are willing, please also share any documentation that you have (e.g., a copy of your committee’s report) by sending it to The reason we are asking you to share this information is because we would like to get a sense for the commonality of diversity and inclusion goals identified across groups and time here at Cornell, and to collect as much relevant data as possible about the work that has already been conducted.




Contact Us

The Task Force is committed to engaging with students, faculty and staff to better understand the community’s experiences on campus and to inform our final recommendations. If you have a comment please contact us by emailing