Martha E. Pollack

A private university with a public mission, Cornell has an abiding commitment to academic excellence across disciplines, to the development and curation of pure knowledge, and to the application of that knowledge in the world we share.

Cornell was founded with the radical ambition of being an institution “where any person can find instruction in any study” and where “truth shall be sought for truth’s sake.” Today, I am proud to lead Cornell as its fourteenth president and to uphold its founding ethos of equity and openness, its commitment to free speech and civil discourse, and its mission of knowledge for a public purpose.

With its flagship campus in Ithaca and a major presence in New York City, Cornell is rapidly expanding collaborations and synergies across its urban and rural communities, as well as around the world. At this exciting moment in Cornell’s history, I am delighted to work with our faculty, students, staff, and alumni to advance Cornell’s academic distinction, educational verve, civic responsibility, and “One Cornell” ethos in Ithaca, throughout New York, and beyond.


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