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Presidential Task Force On Campus Climate

Since its founding, Cornell has aspired to be a diverse and inclusive university. Our founding principles continue to inspire and guide us, and when the experience of the community fails to reflect these goals, we must redouble our efforts to create the kind of environment we seek.

President’s Visioning Committee: Cornell in New York City

As Cornell explores how to capitalize on our expanding New York City footprint, we must first and foremost look to ideas that complement, enhance, and enrich work done in Ithaca. The goal of this faculty committee is to envision what Cornell’s presence in New York City might look like over the next decade. This is intentionally a “visioning” committee, with no guarantee for the resources to implement the specific vision that arises. By giving voice to the imagination of our faculty, we can chart a path, determine what is desirable and feasible, and identify or generate resources to execute the vision.